Our Story

We started our beer company back in 2014. It was intended to be an extention of our Metal band Citysin Angels, but we quickly realized that we had created something much more than that. On top of playing Metal, we found ourselves with our own beerline, and whats more Rock n Roll than rolling up to a Rock Show with your own Craft Beer line in tow!? The more people tried it, the more they loved it, and the more we were inclined to produce and make a push to get it out into the world outside of music. So we went out and landed one of the biggest distributors in the U.S. and in doing so we set out to learn some lessons the hard way. While we are greatful to have been a part of such a big and successful team, COVID-19 was quick to remind us that we were still 'the little guy'. 

So we made a difficult decision.. If we survive COVID we would head out on our own and give it one last go. Only this time we would have complete control over every aspect of our beer line. Fast forward to today, the lessons learned and friendships made along the way have paved the way for CSA CRAFT BEER'S  success! 

So stop by, pick up a pint and share a moment with the CSA team! 

The Journey has just begun!